Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me when applying for an apartment?

  • Each applicant must provide their social security card. If the applicant does not have a Social Security Card or a Tax Identification Card, a letter from the Social Security Office can be provided in its place. Applicants must also provide a valid picture ID. This can be in the form of a driver’s license, U.S. Passport, Resident Alien Card, Foreign Passport with valid US visa or any other government issued ID.
  • Each applicant must provide up to three (3) recent pay stubs. Those who have been employed with their current employer for less than (1) one year must provide information from their previous employer.
  • Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable credit report payable by money order to the community.
  • Applicants are required to pay an Apartment Holding Deposit to secure the apartment that they are applying for.  This deposit is payable by money order to the community and will be applied to the security deposit if approved or retuned if not approved.

How long is the lease period?

A typical lease period is one year; however, in certain situations arrangements can be made. For more information, please visit the community’s leasing offices.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit varies by community. However, an applicant may be requested to pay a higher deposit, which is equivalent to one month's rent due.

When can I move in?

Tenants can move-in as soon as the required documentation is provided, a credit check has been performed, a lease is signed and a security deposit is on hand. Rent will be pro-rated from the move-in date.

Are pets allowed?

Small dogs/cats, weight limit 25 lbs. (1 dog or 2 cats or 1 dog and 1 cat per unit) are welcome at Garden Communities of Florida. The resident must abide by the terms and conditions of the dog/cat addendum. Our Hillsborough County communities have a $275 pet fee, which is non-refundable in order to have a small dog/cat. Our Brevard County communities have a $300 pet fee for one pet or $400 pet fee for two pets, which is non-refundable in order to have a small dog/cat.

Do I need Renter's Insurance?

Although Garden Communities strongly recommends that tenants purchase renters insurance, it is the individual resident’s choice. Garden Communities insurance will protect the building itself, but not the tenants’ belongings

Is rental furniture available?

Select communities do have furniture available for tenant use. For more information, please visit the leasing office.

How can I check what appliances are included with my rental?

Garden Communities strives to provide our tenants with a wide variety of luxuries. In keeping with that, we encourage applicants and tenants to visit for a detailed list of appliances available at each of our communities.

Do any Garden Communities have garage or covered parking?

Yes! For a list of communities that have garages, covered parking and other parking options available, please visit

Are any Corporate Housing options offered?

Garden Communities is always interested in working with local businesses to help meet housing needs. Please contact a specific community for more information on corporate housing.Garden Communities regularly has an array of new move-in offers available. Information can be found on our website at The “Featured Properties” section highlights great housing options at ideal pricing. Specials and discounts can also be found on a community’s individual page.

How can I find out about any specials or discounts offered?

As one of the largest and most competitive housing providers in the Northeast, Garden Communities always has an array of options available. Information can be found on our website at The “Featured Properties” section highlights great housing options at ideal pricing. Specials and discounts can also be found on a community’s individual page.

Are apartment floor plans available?

Floor plans are available for Garden Communities at our website,  We are constantly upgrading and improving our floor plan database.

Can apartments be viewed prior to filling out an application?

Yes!  Applicants are encouraged to view the apartment (if available) that they are interested in prior to preparing the application.

How can I learn more about the area surrounding my community?

Each community’s home page offers a “Neighborhood” link, allowing users to learn more about the surrounding community. Whether you are looking for schools, shopping, restaurants, or virtually anything else, check out the “Neighborhood” page.

How do I get directions to Garden Communities properties?

Those interested in receiving directions to any of Garden Communities properties are encouraged to visit Here, guests can obtain access to each property’s phone number, address and printable directions.

How can I pay my rent online?

Yes! The “Pay Rent Online” is currently available at all Garden Communities by visiting the Resident Login. This feature allows renters to pay their rent, place a service request and have access to important community documents by simply clicking the “Resident Login” link at the top of

How are service requests handled at Garden Communities?

Non-Emergency Maintenance Service Requests can be quickly and easily submitted directly to your maintenance department by using the 24-hour on-line Service Request Form accessible on your community page through the Resident Login. We take pride in our Customer Service and will follow up with a quick online survey to hear about your experience. If you had a great experience, we would love to hear about it. If things were not handled to your satisfaction, we need to hear how we can do better.

What if I am interested in purchasing an apartment or home?

While the majority of our apartments are rentals only, we do offer a select number of condominiums for sale in Brevard County Florida.  Please follow the links on the home page for information on purchasing a luxury condominium at Palm Springs Condominiums or Harvard Condominiums. Information about Condominiums and custom built homes for sale throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut can be found by visiting